Patent PPH program between Brazil and Japan will be extended

The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) announced on January 16th, in Tokyo, the renewal of the PPH program between Brazil and Japan. The current PPH program expires on March 31th, 2019.

The term of this second phase of the PPH program shall be of 2 years or the fulfillment of 200 applications accepted on the program and its main improvement is the acceptance of new technical fields (the current program is exclusively for patent applications related to information of technology).

The second phase of this PPH program shall accept patent application related to the technological fields of: Energy; Machinery; Audiovisual technology; Telecommunication; Digital communication; Computing; Semiconductors; Polymers; Materials and Metallurgy; Agrochemical; Microorganism; and Enzymes.

The BPTO shall publish a resolution in the following weeks, defining officially the technologies that shall be accepted and general terms of this PPH program.