Brazilian Patent Office (BPTO) publishes Guidelines for Examination of Industrial Designs

The BPTO published yesterday (January 8, 2019) the first edition of the Industrial Design Examination Guidelines, which will come into force on March 09, 2019.

These guidelines consolidate the procedures related to filing, examination and prosecution of industrial design applications in Brazil, and should be used as a reference for Examiners, attorneys and general users of this type of protection.

The guidelines are a result of a public consultation carried out by the BPTO during August 11 and September 29, 2017.

A remarkable new rule brought by the guidelines is the acceptance of figures that show how the claimed object can be used/applied. Currently, the BPTO only accepts figures of the claimed object.

The guidelines are available (in Portuguese, only) in:

Should you need further information regarding the protection of industrial design in Brazil, please consult our team.

Créditos: INPI